Spontaneous Pictures

May 7, 2008 § Leave a comment

The nice thing about performing at spontaneous events like festivals is they’re fun! The bad thing, sometimes people have cameras and get pictures of you being, well, spontaneous.  But this can also be amusing. Take these belated Alabama Renaissance Fair photos of my dance troupe:

That’s me in the green skirt. What am I….looking…at?  I couldn’t tell you. No idea.

And what are we doing here?  That’s Liz in the red skirt and Danielle in the yellow.  At first glance you might think we’re dancing….but I don’t think so…Is Liz telling me to do something? And I’m trying to follow directions and am, um, unsure? amused? Am I just trying something? Danielle seems to think it’s funny.  So, uh, what were we doing? At least we look like we’re having fun.

And this is my favorite.  Clearly, Lisa is introducing us, but look at the face I’m making.  “Huh?  WTF?”  Even better, Joe, the drummer behind me in the red hat is…punching his fist in his hand? What the hell? Were we about to dance or kick some ass?

But sometimes the random photos can be good; the kind of photos you hope are taken when you’re performing.

We can just pretend I always look about like this when I’m on stage.  At all times.  I like that.

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