Jade discovered her love of dance and music as a child, studying flamenco through Maria Benitez’s Spanish Dance in the Schools program, and playing classical clarinet.  She first saw belly dancers at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Texas at the age of 6.  It left quite an impression on her.

Jade began taking belly dance classes with Myra Krien alongside her mother and sister.  She graduated from the nationally-recognized Pomegranate SEEDs program and became a member of the American Tribal Style troupe, Ahatti (NM). She went on to become a founding member of the Tribal Style troupe Kali Lila (OR).  She then danced and played clarinet with Lumani (AL) and was the American Tribal Style Belly Dance teacher at Nomadic Tapestry for four years.  Jade then performed with Desert Darlings Belly Dance, a troupe in Albuquerque, NM that specializes in Tribal Fusion, American/Improvisational Tribal Style, and theatrical belly dance.  Her most extensive belly dance training has been in Tribal Style, but she has gained experience in other styles as well, attending classes and workshops with numerous teachers across the country.

Jade has a bachelor’s degree in exercise science with a minor in nutrition.  She also enjoys hooping, poi spinning, gaming, and playing clarinet.