December 29, 2011 § 3 Comments

I am slowly working my way through playpoi.com‘s poi lessons. In the past, I have just randomly clicked through user-uploaded, how-to videos on homeofpoi.com (which are also awesome), but playpoi’s videos have continuity and progression. I have decided to start working my way through their series as I have time and poi urges. I am at the very beginning, just a few videos into Poi-fu, which covers poi fundamentals. It has already given me a lot to think about and some good exercises to work on. Some videos could even apply to other dance forms, or life in general. For example, one I watched recently not only teaches great arm pathways to add poi to later, it is great for general coordination. Give it a try!  It’s fun!

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  • allaboutpoi says:

    I love playpoi!
    They didn’t have all the beginner lessons with the two tracks taped out on the floor when I started but I went over them anyway, I have to say my spinning improved ten-fold just by chalking out two lines!
    Would LOVE to go to Bali wouldn’t you?
    Shame we aren’t close to each other, I don’t know any dedicated spinners in my area and I’m just DYING to learn partner poi.
    Have you seen this video yet by loooops – if this doesn’t tempt you nothing will =)

    So NICE to chat to find another spinner on here =)
    Love the dancing video and the photos, so cool =)

    • Jade says:

      This is awesome. I hadn’t seen it before. Thanks for sharing!

      I’d love to learn partner poi! I have a friend in town here who also enjoys the spinning, but we’re both busy, so it’s hard to find time when we can get together and practice.

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