What Was My Worst Performance Experience?

December 3, 2008 § 2 Comments

Most of my performance experiences have been positive, but I think we’ve all had that embarrassing on-stage mishap, such as a runny nose (a huge fear of mine! Seriously, there are no good options!), costume malfunctions or having your show rudely interrupted by some cheek-sucking greyhound talking on her cell phone in the front row.

I don’t really get stage fright anymore.  Not much at all.  I used to really bad, so bad smiling was actually painful.  I’ve gotten over it through the years though.  Performing forces you to grow a thick skin at some point.  There’s really no other choice.

The worst performance experience I’ve had was with my first dance troupe.  We were invited to entertain at an auction for some good feminine cause like breast cancer awareness or something like that.  It was held in an absolutely gorgeous auditorium in a Masonic Temple with beautiful stain glass creations lining the walls, a feigned starry sky for a ceiling and an antique, multi-layered, forest-themed backdrop behind the stage.  All the seats were filled.

The auction was being held in the form of a fashion show with many wearable pieces donated by local artists.  We waited for over an hour in the dressing room watching the models prepare and come and go as the show went on.  The audience was loud with excitement. We were in for a good show.  Audience energy can give a huge boost.

Finally, the bidding stopped and we were going on to dance, which I believe was to be followed by some refreshments. We were introduced and our music started.  As we glided onto the stage, the crowd was rowdy.  We began dancing, they began walking around and in huge droves, exiting the theater!  There must have been at least a hundred and fifty women there, all leaving!  After a few minutes the only sound in the theater was our music.  There was only four audience members left.  If there’s ever a good time to run off stage and cry into your tassel belt, this was it.

We stayed of course.  We had agreed to do a twenty-minute set, and the four people who were watching actually did seem to enjoy themselves.

Looking back, I’m sure all the bidding just got the ladies riled up and they were ready to get their merchandise and have a drink.  But it feels pretty awful to have a whole theater walk out on you like that.

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§ 2 Responses to What Was My Worst Performance Experience?

  • BookMamma says:

    That sucks! I danced for over 15 years and never had an instance that bad. How RUDE! But I think you’re right; the event coordinators should take the blame for that one. Your audience had been sitting still too long by the time you took the stage.
    I guess my worst moment was botching a trio number at Panoply choreography competition my freshman year of college. I was dancing at Montevallo that year and returned to Hsv to compete against my former studio… and my sister. Screwed up royally and it haunts me to this day.

  • Jade says:

    Oh no, I hate forgetting choreography on stage! And in a competition no less, when people are there specifically to judge you! And in front of people you are competing against and know. Eek! You definitely get extra embarrassment points for that. At least I never had to see any of the ladies who walked out on us again.

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